Training Benefits

Hands-On Curriculum
We provide hands-on practical application labs with all of our training courses to increase overall retention and understanding of course material. Typically, the hardware used takes the form of [1] NI DAQ-6002 per student along with custom prototype boards & components. The hardware, utilized with practical application labs, helps students observe and visualize LabVIEW Programming techniques and functionalities in-action.

All-Inclusive Pricing
Our pricing includes everything to provide effective and value-added training at highly competitive rates. All training pricing includes the following: 

  • Personal Laptop per Student with LabVIEW Development Environment
  • Training Presentation & Exercise Books
  • Demonstration & Hands-On Teaching Materials
  • Instructor Travel & Accommodations (airfare, rental car, hotel, etc.)

On-Site Instructor Led Training
Online training has it's advantages, however, we believe the best value to our clients is through on-site instructor led courses that provide:

  • Immediate Feedback to Students
  • Application Specific Training & Insight 
  • Hands-On & Demonstration Based Material
  • One-on-One Help and Attention throughout training

Custom Training
While we do offer "Off-The-Shelf" training to provide cost-effective training solutions for our clients, if needed, customized training courses can also be provided to fit an individual client's specific needs (e.g. designed around a specific client application/project).

Courses & Curriculum 

ESSENTIALS 1 - (3 Days)
Focused on providing essential LabVIEW knowledge to Novice Programmers in order to perform basic programming tasks.
Course Topics cover:

  • LabVIEW Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Overview
  • User Interface Objects (Front Panel)
  • Essential Block Diagram Functions
  • Basic Data Acquisition, Analysis, and File I/O
  • State Machine Architecture Design & Development
  • Programming Best Practices

ESSENTIALS 2 - (2 Days)
Completes the "Essentials" training course by covering all basic LabVIEW Programming functionality and Small Program Development (i.e. Application Builds).
Course Topics cover:

  • Inter-Process Communication Basics
  • Advanced Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Advanced State Machine Architecture Design & Development
  • Custom Graphical User Interface Designs
  • Small Program Development
  • Application Build (.exe) 

ADVANCED - (3 Days)
Provides knowledge of Advanced Features & LabVIEW Programming designs/techniques to experienced users.
Course Topics cover:

  • Complex Inter-Process Communication
  • Advanced DAQ & Control (e.g. PID)
  • Instrument Driver Development
  • Multiple Process Design & Development
  • Advanced Error Handling
  • Source Code Control

SPECIALTIES - (1-2 Days)
Intended to provide client's with Custom & Specialty training courses that meet their specific needs. Courses vary in target audience and duration.
Example Course Topics cover:

  • Large Application Distribution & Mangament
  • Basic & Advanced Real-Time Hardware Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming Design & Development
  • LabVIEW Actor Framework

*Essentials 1 & 2 are comparable to NI's Core 1 & 2 training courses and are typically taken together for a complete 5 Day Essentials Training Package

Student Testimonials

The class on basic elements to understand LabVIEW was well presented in such a way that the student could become familiar with the material. The class was fantastic, Instructor did a fabulous job at presenting the material.... Great JOB!!!!
[Instructor] does a great job incorporating industry applications into the course which allows everyone to get experience with real world applications. During the class you learn a lot of information quickly but it is taught well enough for all to understand. [Instructor] asks for questions often and makes sure that everyone is up to speed and understanding the topics.
I would highly recommend this training. I was overall pleased with the material and exercises performed. I feel more knowledgeable now and wish to continue my programming in the future. I honestly would not change a thing. I am a slower learner but feel that the Instructor explained the material in such a way that I was able to maintain most of it.
Instructor Lead Training is best way to learn new [programming] languages - especially this one. The instructor cares about students learning the material.
The layout of this course was easy to follow with a good tempo. Preceding exercises gave foundation for following topics, which helped ingrain functions and methods. The frequency of exercises was at a good pace to keep the focus on learning.
Extremely informative and presented in an understandable way. Examples/exercises and the “hands-on” labs are written to illustrate “real world” scenarios, which allowed me to understand the actual application of the code. I personally enjoyed taking this course and have/will recommend it to others.
Great Class! I feel like I have learned a lot and the hands on lessons have helped me grasp the function. I really liked the structure and the flow of the class and feel that each lesson led into the next very well.