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Automated Consumer PC Power Testing Software

  • Designed & Developed LabVIEW Test Program for performing automated power tests on Consumer PCs

  • Utilized Server-Client Architecture and TCP communication for executing custom client States within user-defined Test Plan

  • Server Program controlled Programmable AC Power Supply to allow for testing of multiple AC Voltages (e.g. 100, 115, 230), while acquiring data from Power Meter via GPIB Communication

  • Client Program received command messages from Server and performed requested tasks (e.g. Sleep, Hibernate) using DLL calls to PowerProf.dll

  • Server created custom Test Reports (pdf) upon successful completion of tests by analyzing acquired data per Customer's requirements

  • Utilized Object Oriented Programming to allow for efficient future Hardware and OS upgrades

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Medical Production Calibration & Durability Test Stand

  • Developed cost-effective Multi-Axis Test Stand for performing durability and calibration tests of Medical CAM Tool

  • Designed & Developed LabVIEW Software Program to allow for custom Test-Setup, Execution, and Data Logging of performed tests. Utilized multi-process architecture for potential future scalability of test program functionality.

  • Performed all Electrical Wiring & Fabrication for required NEMA 4/12 Electrical Enclosure

  • 8 Week Lead-Time from Project Initiation to Delivery (including testing & fine-tuning)

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Automotive SQL Database Design & Development

  • Designed custom Database Management System (DBMS) for Tier 1 Automotive Supplier to replace existing test storage system

  • Utilized MySQL features and tools (e.g. Workbench) to create Enhanced Entity-Relationship (EER) model which was then Forward Engineered into a Schema within running MySQL Database Server

  • Developed LabVIEW Drivers for accessing and modifying all Database Tables

  • Developed Automatic Back-Up Program, LabVIEW based, to automatically backup all database information/data and raw test file data to network location at a user-defined time interval

Automated Frequency Sweep Program

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  • Provided turn-key LabVIEW based autonomous frequency sweep program for military application that significantly reduced human-error potential and overall test time

  • Previous methodology required manually setting signal generator and spectrum analyzer to specific frequency, then manually recording peak frequency

  • Delivered system communicated to client's hardware via GPIB and allowed automated frequency sweeps to be performed based on a pre-configured test-sequence

  • Utilized TCP/IP communication protocol to transfer frequency data between client and server computers (each computer was connected to either spectrum analyzer or signal generator)

  • Developed custom GPIB Driver's for signal generators and spectrum analyzer

Gearbox Transmission Error Measurement System

  • Developed Automated Transmission Error Measuring (Gear Ratio Error) System with microradian resolution for production use

  • Communicated with customer's proprietary motor control system via Python Sockets and also allowed for off-the-shelf DC Motor and Drive system to be used as well for motion control

  • Utilized Heidenhain High-Resolution Sin-Cos Encoders (shown right), via 400x Interpolater Box, to acquire rotational position at the microradian level

  • National Instruments' CompactDAQ Product Line was selected for the Data Acquisition and Control Hardware

Production Thermoelectric Module & Assembly Test Station

  • Created LabVIEW Program for testing thermoelectric devices in a production environment (100% Inspection Required) and performing proprietary post-processing analysis in real-time

  • High-Speed NI SCXI Product Line was pre-existing for Data Acquisition & Control

  • Asynchronous testing of 20 Test Stations

  • LabVIEW Program utilized 26 Asynchronous Processes and Object Oriented Programming to perform all required tasks and allow for future scalability/functionality

  • Thermoelectric modules (shown right) have no moving parts and produce a heat flux based on an applied electrical current

Electronic Control Board - Simulation Program

  • Provided LabVIEW Program for testing Critical Electronic Control Boards used for monitoring and controlling thermal chambers for shipment of sensitive materials (i.e. medical applications)

  • Program allowed for full simulation of all I/O along with custom characterization of failure modes and post-failure actions - Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing

  • NI CompactDAQ (Ethernet) product line was selected for the application for remote DAQ & control capabilities and high-reliability

Universal Test Machine Software

  • Developed Data Acquisition, Control, and Post-Processing Analysis software for Universal Test Machines (UTM)

  • Communicated with customer's UTM controller to acquire test data and provide control of compression/tension tests

  • Custom Test Setup configurations allowed user to configure machine parameters and store for future use, allowing for quick and simple test operation

  • Provided unique post-processing analysis algorithms that allowed individual customization of each algorithm at run-time

  • Utilized Objected Oriented Architecture for Scalability and Data Management of Test Specimens, Test Run Data, and Analysis Algorithms

Dynamometer Test Systems

  • Developed multiple Dynamometer test stations for developing new Product Lines

  • Performed full System Design & Development (e.g. mechanical design, component selection, LabVIEW programming)

  • Control Techniques Unimotor FM Servo Motor systems (shown right) were selected for this project due to high-reliability, performance, and modbus communication protocol

  • NI CompactRIO Product Line chosen for real-time and remote operating capabilities

  • Developed Client-Server Communication Architecture, based on SCCT, for remotely monitoring and controlling all Dynamometer test systems in real-time

  • Utilized Object Oriented Programming within Architecture for scalability purposes

  • Integrated Post-Processing of captured test data

Planetary Gearbox End-of-Line Tester

  • Developed four test stations utilizing Brushless DC Motors, DC current sensors, NI CompactDAQ, and Next-Unit-Computing Hardware (shown right)

  • Performed all Mechanical Design, Electrical Wiring, LabVIEW Programming, Component Assembly, and Validation testing within 1 Month

  • Compartmentalized system components in case of damage/failure in-field (could be easily replaced)

Gearbox Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) EOL Tester

  • Performed FFT analysis and analyzed side-bands along with critical frequency characteristics to verify correct assembly

  • System utilized Servo Drive, Single-Axis Accelerometer, NI DAQ components

Hydraulic Static Loading System

  • Remote data acquisition from Hydraulic System and Linear Indicators

  • Developed Drivers for Mitutoyo Digital Indicators (RS-232 ASCII communication)

  • Utilized [2] double0acting hydraulic cylinders (shown right) capable of applying 50,000 Newton-meters of torque

Worm-Drive Production End-of-Line Torque Tester

  • Monitor amperage of Brushless DC Motor attached to Worm-Drive to evaluate correct assembly

  • Utilized a PLC based control system (shown right) due to the control/analysis simplicity which allowed for a cost-effective ATE solution

  • HMI touch-screen allowed for test configuration, execution, and results to be displayed on-site

High-Volume Production Gearbox Inspection System

  • Provided full turn-key system (mechanical design and assembly, electrical wiring, LabVIEW Programming)

  • Selected CompactRIO NI Product Line (shown right) for the real-time dependability and ruggedness

  • Database Connectivity for Storing Test Results