Fixed Project Price

Fixed-price projects require a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) outlining all details of project requirements and deliverables. This pricing typically works well for large-scale (>$5,000) or cost-sensitive projects that cannot afford pricing variables. This pricing model can require more up-front time involvement due to the development of a Scope of Work document. If needed, Gallagher Engineering can work with you and take on the task of developing an SOW. Common items included within an SOW are provided below.

  • Device(s) Under Test Definition
  • Data Acquisition Hardware
  • Data Structuring & Storage
  • Test Protocols
  • Work-Breakdown Structure
  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Validation Testing
  • Final Deliverables

Time & Materials

Projects being billed on a time & materials (i.e. hourly-rate) basis can begin development immediately with no prior project knowledge required. This pricing typically works well for small-scale (<$5,000) or time sensitive (<2wks) projects that wouldn't justify the cost or time of defining a Scope of Work. Upon request, clients can be provided an Order-of-Magnitude project estimate, even when billing hourly, when provided with rough project requirements - however, there are no guarantees of completing the project within this estimated cost.